Having Fun with Pointer Scan

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

Having Fun with Pointer Scan

Let’s load up our test game, Assault Cube v1.2.0.2 and try to focus on health.

As I write this blog-post, this is the first time I’ve ever run Assault Cube.  I chose it because it’s open source: free as in beer, free as in liberty.  You can download it yourself (legally) and follow along for free.  I’d love to have used something like COD-MW4, but then y’all would’ve had to pay $60 to follow along.  I’ve got your back.  Additionally, I doubt the author of Assault Cube would send a gaggle of lawyers on some kind of DMCA complaint.  I hope I’m not wrong…

At this point, you should have basic scanning down pat.  So… let’s start a game.  I chose Single Player -> Bot Deathmatch -> Bot skill = bad -> 2 players -> ac_arctic.

Exercise: Scan for your ammo.

captureI couldn’t find a pause key.  Minor inconvenience.  You can make the bots idle which is effectively pausing the game.  I alsotried setting the “Pause while scanning” option, but either it didn’t do anything or the scan happened so quickly that it simply wasn’t helpful.  Probably the latter.

I was able to quickly find a non-static location for ammo.